About Us

I can't tell you how happy we are with the show-stopping models you designed for us. I&rsqup;m convinced that our successful sales are a direct result of your work. Your beautiful designs are comfortable and have tons of memory points.

Pascale Roy | Sr. Project Manager | Toll Brothers

For more than three decades, Possibilities for Design has specialized in creative interior design and interior merchandising solutions for homebuilders in need of compelling and inviting model homes. We take pride in our role as a national leader in model home merchandising and interior design.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado and with clients all over North America, Possibilities for Design is known for its client-focused approach to the ever-challenging enterprise of new home and model merchandising.

Our process begins with extensive research as we get to know every aspect of a proposed community. How does it relate to its landscape? How does it differ from other neighborhoods? What materials and architectural styles are at play? And, perhaps most important of all, how does it serve the dreams of its future inhabitants? For each project we undertake we develop a buyer profile that allows us to tailor model homes accordingly.

The result? Distinctive model homes that resonate with buyers—whether they’re shopping for condos in a bustling downtown or looking for a single-family retreat in a recreation-minded community.

When it comes to service that’s attentive to business goals and award-winning projects that delight homebuyers no one offers more possibilities.